How important is music in your life?

To many people out there, music is more than a friend to them. Sometimes, it’s your guardian angel in the night lulling you to sleep.  When you’re in the mood to dance, it’s your DJ on the go. When you’re sick and tired, it’s there to wipe your tears away. Isn’t it just the perfect companion?

Everywhere I look, I see people with their earphones plugged in. While they walk back from work or while they sit on the bus, you’ll see there lips humming to the tune.

You’ve gotta admit, music keeps you going, knowingly or unknowingly. 

Well, good news for you. There’s a radio station called TioPod Rocks. One that you’ll surely love. Why?

Because it’s your radio station. Literally yours. The songs are uploaded by those who listen to it, a platform where all music lovers unite. Did you just compose a song for your girlfriend recently? Go ahead and share it to the world. Upload your own songs, write your biography and dedicate it for someone or just dedicate it to yourself for all it’s worth. It’s your radio after all. 😉

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We have a passion for all kinds of music and so we decided to create a website and a radio station that would hopefully give something for everyone!

Alongside our growing list of unsigned artist TioPod Rocks provides round the clock entertainment in a diversity of shows and podcasts that include interviews, talk shows, new talent, and of course music across the genres and years. We pride ourselves on valuing all of our listeners and readers. We are here thanks to you! If there is a song you want to hear or show you think they need, get in touch!

However, TioPod is the radio made by you. Yes, by you!Our website created by Christian, at Shiver Studio, will soon be adapted for allowing artists to upload their own songs and write biographies on themselves, and listeners to upload/choose music videos and dedicate them with a personal message. We have our own YouTube channel for artists interviewed by us.

Another important foundation of TioPod is the passion for helping charities. Our aim is to help in raising awareness for charity and to also host our own events and fund-raisers throughout the year so watch this space!

Head over to their website now and start your musical journey!

Ciao <3,