We all know H20 works wonders for the body whether you’re trying to shed off some pounds or to just keep yourself healthy. Now, imagine that water infused with minerals. The benefits would simply be endless but let me make it easier for you by listing out 7 of the common benefits of mineral water spray!

Here’s why we should all try it now:

  1. Great for revitalisation. – Provide your skin with the much needed minerals, the mineral water face spray will leave you glowing brighter than the sun!
  2. Perfect cure for irritation. – Bacterias are the main culprit for skin irritation. Simply spray a mist on your face and feel instantly relieved, even from sunburn or heat rashes!
  3. Soothing for the skin. – Like I’ve mentioned before, nothing works better than mineral water spray when it comes to soothing your skin. Get rid of impurities with this chemical free solution!
  4. The best cleansing solution. – Mineral water is great for cleansing your face as well. Instead of using regular water to wash your face, why not step up a little higher and achieve better results?
  5. Antibacterial elements – This natural formula helps in fighting the stubborn bacterias on our skins and hence, leading to a beautiful and radiant skin!
  6. Protection from harmful UV rays – Almost every product now a days can protect you against the sun but nothing as natural as this one!
  7. The Selenium Defence – And last but definitely not the least, Mineral Water Spray is unlike other cosmetics, it’s not just about now but as well as the future, what happens next? Infused with Selenium, a defence working agent, it will protect your skin from pollution up to the cruel effects of an unhealthy diet!

And a bonus benefit for everyone on student budgets like me! It won’t leave a hole in your pocket, this miracle water is made affordable for everybody to enjoy its benefits!

Want to know more on how can we use mineral water spray? Then stay tuned for my next post on the uses of this wonder water and finally create a change in your life!



Ciao, <3

Mandy x