You probably guessed it just by reading the title of my post.

I’ve always wondered what’s inside the bags/purses of other girls. I mean, I’ve always been curious, am I the only one who carries my hairbrush with me? 😛

Since I’ve seen a lot of bloggers post about what’s inside their bag, I decided to lay out on the bed everything that’s inside my bag.


The picture isn’t all that great and I’m probably going to change the picture soon and recapture the scene using my camera. But anyways, here’s what you’ll find inside my bag on everyday basis!

1.) My eyeglass from Guess. I have sensitive eyes and I actually need to wear an eyeglass when I’m using the laptop (like this very moment) but most of the time, I don’t even know where they are. 😛

2.) My Michael Kors wallet. This was a gift from somebody. And who would refuse an MK wallet? 😉 I use this to keep my money, IDs and bank cards.

3.) My planner and keys. I use the planner to write the things that I need to get from the grocery and the things that I need to work on. My phone’s notes just doesn’t do it, I like the feeling of writing on paper rather than typing. I keep my keys in there because I would have lost it otherwise.

4.) My Beats Earphones. Having an earphone for me is a necessity. I use it whenever I’m in the train/the bus and makes time fly a little faster.

5.) My Aldo wallet. I actually use this wallet to keep my iPod in and of course, since I’m a commuter in London, my oyster card as well. I don’t know what I’d do without this wallet. I call it my transport wallet.

6.)My Nosk. A “nosk” is a nose mask. I’m allergic to dust and therefore, this keeps me alive. 😛

7.) My iPhone.  ‘Nuff said.

8.) My peppermints. Well, of course. To keep my mouth smelling fresh all the time. Don’t mind the shape of it, it’s a little vulgar which I realised only after I bought it. Haha.

9.) Ibuprofen. I get headaches every now and then. Sometimes, I just need to pop a pill, wherever I might be.

10.) Hairbrush and hairtie. I like to keep my hair loose, but when the weather starts to get a little warmer through out the day, nothing can be as refreshing as tying your sweaty hair back.

11.) Pen Drive/USB. What you’ll find in every student’s bag.

12.) White Flower Oil. It’s an oil that keeps me awake after sniffing it. It’s also a cure for many things such as headache, cold, etc. etc. etc. I was a m ember of the girls’ scout. What do you expect?

13.) Perfume. I bought this perfume from Zara. Although I hardly use it, it saves me from smelling like a dead woman when i meet my friends after a long, long day.

14.) Dental Floss. A must every after meal.

15.) Mirror. How else would I apply lipstick perfectly in a moving train?

16.) Hand Cream from Bodyshop. It’s just something I apply to keep my hands soft and smooth through out the day.

17.) MAC lipstick. What every girl will have.

18.) Reflecting Shades from Bershka to protect my eyes on sunny days.

19.) MAC Studio Fix. To keep my face looking fresh all day and to avoid looking like a walking oil factory. 😛

20.) Valentino Pocket Perfume. I just like to carry it around and it hardly takes up any space.

21.) Lip Balms. I get bored of lip balms really fast and so I carry about 3 of them (EOS, Aeropostale and Chapstick) so I can choose depending on my mood. 😉

I also carry my iPhone charger and some other unnecessary things but I guess that’s all for now. Why don’t you share what you carry in your bag everyday? 🙂

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Till next time, <3

Mandy xx