My second day in Edinburgh, Scotland was more of a laid-back sight-seeing day. It was a Sunday so I assumed the shops would be closed though some of them were actually open. I got up a little late so I decided to walk around Royal Mile itself and observe the shops more closely. There were little stalls of various Scottish products such as hand-made watches that were really elegant. I mentally noted to shop there on my last day!


A typical day at Edinburgh

I also walked to the Princes Street where the Scott Monument stood tall and proud. You could see a lot of Victorian influence on most of the buildings in Edinburgh but this one really made it’s presence felt even from a far.


After quite a lot of walking and when I was satisfied (although I honestly would never be) of Edinburgh’s beauty, I headed to my next destination. The Gardener’s Cottage.

The Gardener’s Cottage reminded of those fancy countryside cottages I used to watch in films. The outside was quite ordinary and be prepared to be seated rather too close with the other visitors but I guarantee you that the 7 course meal they’d serve you will make you wish the chef lived with you! All of the dishes, from the starter to the dessert, are carefully pre-planned and sophisticatedly served to you.

Have a look at that day’s pre-planned menu:


My personal favourite was the quail egg with beet root for starters and as well as the Asparagus soup! Unfortunately, I missed taking a picture of it! Also, they don’t normally post the prices but expect somewhere around £90 for two.

After dinner, it was already 9pm although it seemed as if it was just 4pm so I decided to take a walk back to the hostel. Luckily, on my way back, I had to cross a Calton Hill where I got to see the whole of Edinburgh. The city itself is full of inclined roads and so by then I got the hang of too much walking and climbing that I didn’t mind walking uphill.

Note: Wear comfy shoes when travelling to EDN. If you can’t walk in it for a minimum of 2 hours, don’t wear it.

It was breathtaking as usual but it seemed to be a better place to relax, specially for those looking for a peace of mind. If only I had a book that time, it would’ve been the perfect moment!

That was all for Day 2 since at about 10pm, I got back to the hostel and chilled at the hang-out are for sometime, played a little pool and finally went to bed!


Till my next post <3

Mandy x

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