Hello y’all!!!

I’ve been so caught up with work and travel plans, I feel like I’ve completely neglected my blog. 🙁 But fret not, I have a lot coming up for y’all! To start with…

I have just been awarded the VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD!!! I am so so so happy to add the badge on my blog! Thank you so much Sarah C. Bence for this opportunity! You can check out her amazing adventures at www.sarahccbence.com or you can follow her on Instagram and Pinterest!

♄So as a part of this award, I would like to share 7 facts about me!♄

1)  I was born in Cebu, Philippines.

2) The first time I travelled on my own was when I was 13. I learnt how to navigate around airports even before I learnt to tie my own hair.

3) My dad is also a traveller who loves hopping borders just to have a meal! With a record of hopping 15 countries in 3 Months.😎

4) The first thing I bought with my first hard earned money was a Pepperoni Pizza from a family owned restaurant in London. Surprisingly the best pizza of my life. Just because PIZZA.

5) I’ve been living out of a suitcase (and I’ve mastered the art of giving up things to make space for the more important ones) for almost 8 years now and the longest I’ve stayed home was 2 months. (Although me and my dad usually meet halfway, in between our trips for a couple of days)

6) I broke a pinky once and it never healed properly which means I can’t really flex it. 😏

7) First, I travel to eat… Then comes other things. 😛

So there you go! The 7 not so interesting facts about me! 😉

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