As promised in my previous post, here’s the post dedicated on the top 10 ways of using mineral water face spray. If you haven’t read it already, make sure to drop by my previous post and get to know its benefits!

1. After Shave:  For men, facial water spray uses includes using it as an after shave spray. The natural components give you a soothing sensation after you are done with shaving.

2. Diaper Rash:  Water face spray uses are not just limited to facial use. These mineral sprays are also great for spraying babies as a treatment for diaper rash. The natural antibacterial formula will start killing the rash causing bacteria to cure the rash.

3. Makeup removal:  One of the main uses of mineral water facial spray includes its properties to clean your skin from chemically induced make up products.

4. Post-surgery:  The mineral water has many benefits including its healing and refreshing aura. This proves great for post-surgery patients for keeping them clean and fresh.

5. Travel companion:  During travel you are exposed to dust and other harmful elements. Spray on a facial mineral spray and create a protective shield over your face.

6. After sports:  After sports, spray the mineral water on to get rid of bad odor causing bacteria in sweat. Plus it keeps your skin lively and fresh.

7. Damaged Skin:  Water face spray uses include its characteristic of being great to treat damaged skin. It clears all the germs and aids in the healing process.

8. Redness:  Adding to the facial water spray uses, it is a great remedy for redness of your skin caused by irritation. It goes deep in your skin and cleans out impurities.

9. After hair removal: After hair removal, your skin is very sensitive. Spray on some mineral water spray to keep it safe.

10. Sunburn:  One of the most important uses of mineral water face spray is to protect your skin against sunburn. Stay safe from harmful UV rays with this mineral water spray.

Courtesy of Royal Canadian Laboratories

So there you go, now you know why and how to use this wonderful miracle water! You can thank me later 😉


Mandy x