Unlike its neighbouring Asian countries, Hong Kong is far from what we can call ‘cheap’. In fact, it has (sadly) climbed the ladder since 2016 and is now the most expensive city in the world. Accommodation in Hong Kong has become a nationwide crisis – only 7% of the country’s land is allotted for housing so don’t blame them locals for charging too much rent, it is a luxury after all!

While planning my Hong Kong trip, I found myself in a dilemma. There were a lot of options indeed but none had value for the money. I wasn’t going to pay £20 a night for a 1 star hotel and shared bathroom. Praise AirBnb, every traveller’s saviour, I found a very interesting apartment for those looking for unique accommodation in Hong Kong. Staying there for 5 days made my entire trip even more special!


The ‘Tree House’ as rightfully termed by the owner is nestled in a 177 years old building known as the Tong Lau. The history of this place goes back more than a century, living in it is in itself an honour. Tucked in the heart of Kowloon and a walking distance from Tim Ho Wan and the best clams in town, I couldn’t have asked for more.

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Getting to places was not a problem since there’s a bus stop just a stone’s throw from the apartment and the subway is only 10 minutes away.


Due to the limited space in the city, the building was very narrow and it didn’t look very appealing from the outside. But as soon as I reached the apartment, it felt like I time travelled to the 80’s. It was designed like a tree house for adults and the retro decor are made personally by the resident artist!


As soon as you enter the flat, a huge Chinese sign board greets you – something very unusual yet beautifully done. On the table you will find a collection of match boxes (and cigar) from local and international hotels!

There’s a functional hairdryer, magazines and etc. for the guests to use during their stay.


The stairs were a quite scary at first because one mistake and you’ll definitely break a leg although I love the fake grass and how they’re designed like drawers! The stairs lead you to a mezzanine seating area where you can read a book or sip some wine and watch the world go by.

Find a piano underneath the mezzanine or relax with soft music from the record player (and a collection of vinyl records!). Play a sample below 😉

Or you can watch DVDs (provided by the owner) while you take a dip in the bathtub big enough to fit two people.


Surprisingly, the bathroom was equipped with a rain shower and free ‘made in HK’ toiletries (P.S. The herbal conditioner was so good!) Plus there’s a small kitchen at the back with utensils, kettle and induction cooker!


£95/$120/₹8030/₱5991 a night excluding taxes and cleaning fee (chargeable by AirBnb). It’s definitely worth the money if you’re a couple/with friends since you can split the bill. Link to book will be provided at the bottom of the post.


I’m going to be a bit biased here since there’s a special space in my heart for everything artsy. I personally loved the place and would definitely recommend it to y’all. The host, Patricia, was very sweet and accommodating she even left fruits on the table and provided a discount for her café!

But if I have to be honest and non-biased, spending 5 days there was a bit too long – you see, design and comfort do not go hand in hand. The kitchen was great for tea/coffee but trying to cook a meal was a real struggle. Frankly, I only spent time at the mezzanine area on the first night and after that, I was pretty reluctant to climb the steep stairs again. Definitely NOT kid friendly. 

It’s great for a day or two to get the ‘vintage’ feel and if you’re going to eat all your meals outside. The major drawback of this place is that it’s located on the 3rd floor with no lift so that means you have to carry your suitcase all the way up. If that’s not an issue for you then definitely go for it!

Book: The Tree House – Kowloon, Hong Kong

Have fun!


Mandy x

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored blog post and all opinions are my own. PC: Personal and AirBnb

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