Etsy, Etsy Etsy… my favourite online store in this entire world-wide web!

Well, it’s not just an online store but rather a platform where all the creative people trade. A one stop destination for the artistically inclined 😉

But for those who don’t know,

Etsy is a peer-to-peer ecommerce website focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, , as well as unique factory-manufactured items under Etsy’s new guidelines, released in October 2013…. -Wikipedia

That’s what Wikipedia says. For me, it’s a place where I find a different world of art, where you can find things that you have never seen before. From branches turned into jewelry stands, tree moss into baskets and even Reindeer Antler made as coat hangers!

il_570xN.750783219_ptbmReindeer Antler as a Coat hanger from Tundrada

Etsy gives you a chance to unleash the creative beast in you, to let you experiment on new things that you might have otherwise thought as a crazy idea.

For instance, this new Etsy store I found sells handicrafts inspired by the Arctic nature! Tundrada, as it’s called, specializes on making handmade home decor where the materials are gathered from the wild Arctic lapland. Yes, from the forests of Finland which means they are all natural, a blend of nature and art.

The store offers you different varieties of coat hangers made of real reindeer antlers. You can even use them as a hat hanger or anything you prefer. Oh if you ask me… I would love to own one of these, hang my jewelries on it and it will automatically make my room stand out.

il_570xN.757919617_lkewAnother Reindeer Antler from Tundrada


Organic Eco Friendly Basket made of Tree Moss from the Finnish Forests, only in Tundrada!

What’s more fascinating about these items is the story of how they are made. Eline, the owner of this beautiful etsy store, personally gathers the materials from the Wild Arctic Lapland of Finland. Don’t worry, if you’re thinking of deer hunting, you’re absolutely wrong. There is no violence involved at all. Just pure creativity.

You might want to know, reindeers grow antlers each year! That is because they shed their antlers at a particular time of the year. Male reindeer drop their antlers in winter while the females, in spring. Isn’t that interesting?

These antlers cannot only just be used as your coat hanger but they can also serve as a memory of the arctic region. It’s as if having a part of it in your very own space. You can even choose to display it on your wall as a decoration and forever preserve its uniqueness and beauty.

The Pine tree base of these hangers are also made of greyish woods that are found in the forests so you can make sure that these items are given a lot of time and effort to make. With each purchase, you are given 2 pairs of screw, wall plugs and 2 screw covers, you literally won’t need anything else and just directly hang it on your wall.

Note that each piece is unique. Unique in the sense, you will not find the exact same antler or basket anywhere else!

I also love the fact that when you read through the description of these items, Eline leaves a piece of advice saying…

hang it up high enough so you or children wouldn’t accidentally bump into antler ends.

It might be a simple advice but it means a lot because she shows concern and not just entice buyers to buy her product. This is what Etsy really means, this is why Wikipedia described it as “peer-to-peer” because everyone shares the same passion and respect towards what they do best.

Moreover, the packaging of these items are recycled. Everything is economically and environmentally inspired.

Now, let’s talk about the person behind this creative concept. The owner of Tundrada, Eline Neimi. She is Latvian who lives in Finland and she definitely sees beauty in the simplest things in life, turning them into concepts and sharing them for the rest of the world to see.

Drop by Tundrada and you will know what I mean.


Transform your home now, take a piece of the Arctic nature with you. Be inspired and inspire those who see it. 🙂

Till next time, <3

Mandy xx