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It’s been quite a some time since I blogged about something but of course I was out making new things to blog about! 😀

Before anything, Happy Women’s day to all the lovely ladies following my blog! Hope you all get the love and appreciation that you deserve.

As you know, I’ve just come back from my short holiday in Japan which I shall be sharing the details with you in a separate post. But for now let’s just talk about debunking the infamous belief that travelling Tokyo needs a lot of dough- money. 


Tokyo is the kind of city that would make you feel like you’ve just time-travelled to the future. I mean a lot of people say Tokyo is very expensive but I’d like to believe it totally depends on the traveller as to how much he/she wants to spend. See, when you travel, you don’t let the city decide for you. You make the decisions. You can travel Japan in $1000 or even as cheap as $100 (of course you need free accommodation for that which I would be telling you how later on!).

The first thing you need to know is that the airfare vary a lot over a period of time. It doesn’t matter whether you buy the ticket on a Wednesday or a Tuesday, tickets will keep on changing so you need to keep an eye on it everyday. Better yet, subscribe to price alerts on websites like Expedia, etc. For instance, the ticket to Tokyo was for 48,000 INR ($712) from Mumbai to Narita but I remember it dropping to 35,000 INR ($520) within a couple of days and then soared back to 50k. That’s how drastic changes are sometimes. Plan ahead, follow the price alerts, score a good price!


Senso-Ji Temple: A short walk from the hostel in Asakusa

Second, accommodation in Tokyo is like dealing in a fish market. Everything good is gone by the end of the day. Book it months in advance, trust me, you will thank me. Me and my friends booked a hostel first (before we found a better AirBnb) and the normal price of a bed in that hostel was for $40. But later on as the dates came closer, the last bed for that month was sold for $400. If someone was really stupid and desperate enough to pay 10x the actual rate.


Then comes the transport. True, it CAN get very expensive but it DOESN’T have to be that way. I planned my journeys before hand so I knew where I would be on what day. For example, I stayed in 2 different areas during my 1 week stay in Tokyo. As inconvenient it may sound, it will save you a lot of money and it’s not hard at all. So while I was in Asakusa, I walked to the Ueno Zoo, to Don Quijote and so on. I did not have to pay for subway/metro at all plus I got to enjoy the weather and the view. Transport can be complicated in Japan so I think I should write a separate piece about it.


A bowl of Ramen and Rice.

Food. My favourite part of the trip! I probably spent on food more than everything else. 😛 But anyways, follow the rule “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” and you will have enough money to shop plus a happy tummy at the end of your trip! Don’t be eating McDonald’s. Seriously. Go on and dig in in that 500¥ Ramen.


The logo you need to look out for

Shopping will also need an entirely different post because there’s so much that you can buy, only if you knew where. Let me highlight the Daiso store. Or the Japanese version of the ‘dollar store’. Everything in there is practically 100 YEN. You can take advantage of their cute stationaries and even cool housekeeping stuffs. I got my dog, Cairo a pink (sorry, it was too cute) foldable water bowl and a towel softer than my own. They also have cosmetics but I don’t think you should try it unless of course your skin is not sensitive or perhaps, someone you know has tried it. I went to the one in Asakusa and as well as the one in Kyoto (which I think had more beauty stuffs than the one in Asakusa).

If you have questions about travelling to Tokyo, you can hit me up on mandy@mandytsingh.com or drop in a comment below. Or you can just subscribe to my blog and stay tuned on my next posts about everything you need to know.

That’s all for now! Do you still think it’s as expensive as people say? 😉


Mandy <3



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