Thorpe Park is one of the biggest and most popular amusement parks in the UK. In one of my previous posts, I wrote about my experience at Blackpool Pleasure Beach which was memorable but I found the rides at Thorpe a lot more thrilling. It’s hard to compare amusement parks because they’re almost the same and at the same time, different in their own way!

From London, Thorpe Park was just an hour and half away. The train cost about £8.50 from Richmond to Staines and to Richmond, I took the overground so my oyster card came in handy. I originally planned on taking the bus to the park but then right outside the station, I found taxis that offered to drop people together, bringing down the fare to £2.50 per person.


Note that buying the entry/rides ticket online would save you A LOT of money. I got my ticket for £25 online whereas it would have been for £50 upfront!


I got on this ride first and I thought being thrown in the air like it’s no one’s business was crazy until I experienced the rest of Thorpe Rides! Though I loved the sinking ticklish feeling I felt in my tummy! 😛


This crashed plane was in The Swarm, the setting was amazing. I wish I had taken more pictures, I remember a broken helicopter as well. This ride left me speechless. It felt like sliding on a giant version of curly fries, only a lot faster.


This was another one of their beautiful settings. In fact, they also had upside down houses, what a great idea to decorate a park, right! Certainly gave them an edge.


I had strawberries and marshmallows dipped in chocolate fondue. I also had a donut (amazing) and ate lunch at the BBQ shack which was pretty okay.


Definitely my favourite spot at the park. The Amity Beach was a manmade beach with realistic sand. The perfect place to relax!


Note: Prepare for a hell lot of walking. I suggest wear your most comfy shoes/sneakers, track pants and a sweat shirt. Trust me, I struggled.


This was definitely my favourite place. I wanted to sleep but I had so much more to do!


Although I did take home a life size minion (obviously not this one), I wouldn’t suggest playing the claw vending machine. It’s addictive. And winning one is simply next to impossible! I got my big ass minion from the actual arcades where you get to play using your own human skills. Like throwing a ball into a basket. I also got a duck!


This was just right at the entrance/exit of the park and I thought I just felt like taking a picture of it.

My favourite ride was called the Stealth. It was honestly the fastest ride I’ve ever tried, it gives you jolt right from the very start!

Anyways, I still have more pictures but let’s keep it for some other time!

Stay tuned for more adventures!


Mandy x

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