So your birthday is coming up and you’re sick of the same old chocolate cake? Or perhaps you want something that will leave your friends in awe as the cake cutting begins? Maybe you’re into baking but your cake just looks like every other cake in the market? Well, today I discovered something really cool that will make you love baking more and decorating it, even more.

Did you know that phone covers, clothes and shoes aren’t the only ones that can shine? You can now have your cake adorned with glitters and sparkly little gems! Make your cake look one of a kind and decorate it with edible bling-blings. And I thought having my picture printed on my cake was cool…

Wicked Cool Cake sells edible sugar jewels and cake glitters that are perfect for any kind of occasion. Make your wedding cake sparkling beautiful and be assured that nobody is going to go home without finishing every last inch of your cake.


CakePops perfect for an 18th Debut or Wedding!


Golden glitter (Also available in many colours)

You can also add gemstones, edible of course, to your make your creation look even more glamorous.



Crystal Sugar Gems

Here are some ideas on how to decorate your cake with glitters:

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Picture Credits to Pinterest 

Imagine what all can you do with simply glitters and stones? Just let the creative juice flow! Visit the etsy shop of Wicked Cool Cake and as well as their Facebook page to find out more information.



Mandy x