As you grow older in life, your goals also grow with you.

When I was 5 years old, all I wanted was a box of coloured pencils and I got excited at the thought of owning a doll house. When I turned 15, those dreams were replaced by bigger ones and I suddenly wanted a phone instead of just a doll house. I still remember the day I got my very first mobile phone. I was so confused on what to get that it took me so long to just choose one. 😛

Even after growing up, choosing the things I buy is still as difficult as it was back then. And I’m sure I’m not alone.

At some point in life, you would reach a stage where you would eventually dream of owning a luxury car (who doesn’t?) and of course it’s not going to be easy after looking at all the magnificent cars that are out in the market. Investing on something that involves your safety, speed and definitely style is after all, one of the toughest decisions you’ll ever make. 😉

According to the sales statistics of luxury cars bought in 2014, BMW seems to be at the highest with a staggering sales of over 1.8M units sold.

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Honestly, who can resist a classic and sleek ride? BMW is the real deal . But surely, the price tag is also a classic. 😉 For those looking for the right car, I understand how much time and effort you put in searching for reviews and comparing different models only to be stuck at the same page. Sometimes it becomes so frustrating that you end up buying something that you don’t really like.

Fortunately, there’s someone called the BMW Guru. He’s the right guy to go to when it comes to this classic ride. He will provide you with advices and tips on what model is best for you and even set up the insurance for your beloved car!


Don’t be wrong in thinking the salesman can do the job because there is a difference between Dante, the BMW Guru and a salesman. Believe me, the gap is quite huge.

  • Dante will take care of your needs such as your budget. Mr. Salesman will take care of his needs such as his commission.
  • Dante will focus on just you, you are his priority. Mr. Salesman will focus on everyone in the room, no one is his priority other than his boss. 😉
  • Dante will carefully study your case before providing with suggestions. Mr. Salesman will look at the car models and then tell you what’s best.

By now, you’d understand their differences. Watch the video to know what Dante will actually do for you.

The BMW Guru is always going to be available for you, follow him or contact him on the social networking links provided at the bottom of this post.

Make your life easier! 🙂

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