When I hear the word Brandy, I think of a guy with well-defined biceps sporting a roughly trimmed beard. It is said to be a very manly drink, best served neat and tidy. No ice, no soda, no bull just have it straight out of the darn bottle. 😉

Brandy comes from the word “Brandewjin”, a Dutch word that literally means “Burnt Wine” because the drink is produced from distilling wine. Some of the classic cocktails are made with this sexy beast such as the famous Sidecar.


One of the most popular and sought after types of Brandy is the “Slivovitz”. The name originated from the Serbian word “Šljivovica” and it’s also quite fascinating to know that it is Serbia’s national drink made of their national fruit, plums.


Barique Slivovitz Trio: Natural and organic. Traditionally distilled, matured for 3 years in Barique oak barrels.  click to get it!

Another popular drink is the “Rakia”.it usually contains about 40% of alcohol though home-produced Rakia can sometimes go up to 90%. :o. It’s also one of the most demanded drinks in Serbia, in fact the country is the world’s largest producer (and consumer :P) of Rakia. In Serbia, there are only about a hundred cellars that produce high-quality Rakia, consider yourself lucky if you get to have one!

An online website called TasteBrandy specially sells brandies all the way from Serbia and they deliver to anywhere in the world. Their collection varies from Slivovitz to Raspberry Brandy, literally every type of it is available! Their website is user-friendly and you can search for the Brandy you like according to your own preference as it allows you to shop by gender, occasion and even emotional condition!

So your girlfriend just broke up with you and you need something to soothe your broken heart? Or did you just score a big project? Go ahead and celebrate your win or loss with their authentic Serbian brandies.

Website: http://www.tastebrandy.com

Have fun!

Ciao <3

Mandy xx