We’ve all heard of Amsterdam. The city that looks like it’s built straight out of a vintage painting. It is the capital city of Netherlands but little did we know, the country is full of beautiful wonders. It’s not just Amsterdam that’s worthy of all the praises.


Rotterdam is another magnificent city in Netherlands, full of picturesque spots and artistic sights, it’s definitely one of the places to go to. There are so many things you can do in the city that you’re surely never going to be bored. There’s something for everyone, from shopping to sightseeing.

One of the best shopping site to go to would be Beurstraverse, a street located under the Coolsingel, they have brands ranging from high-end designer brands to their local and traditional shops.


If you’re not in the mood of splurging, you can always check out their world-class museums such as Boijmans Van Beuningen which has more than 140,000 collection of art. Visiting this museum is one of the things I want to do in life but really, if you’re an art enthusiast, would you miss a chance?

The city does not only boast the incredible museums they have but their artistic heritage can even be felt just by wondering around and looking at the architectural structures of their buildings which btw, includes Van Nellefabriek,  ranked to be one of worlds top 10 heritage by UNESCO. Rotterdam has a skyline to die for, also known to be the Manhattan of the Meuse, you can imagine how breathtaking the sight might be.


Obviously, we can’t forget the popular port of Rotterdam, it is after all, the largest port in the whole of Europe. There are several activities just by the harbour such as the cycling tour, allowing you to have a close and clear view of the port. But that’s nothing at all compared to hiring your own houseboat.


Houseboat Rotterdam gives you an extensive list of houseboats that you can rent ranging from different prices to suit your budget. You can have your own kitchen or even barbecue on board, what better way can you think of to enjoy your stay in Rotterdam?


Till next time <3,

Mandy xx