If you’ve never heard of the book Cultivating the DNA of Crime then you’re missing out on something really interesting. The book is a story about a 13 year old boy who’s a genius when it comes to understanding criminal behaviour. He’s extraordinarily intelligent and obviously, highly sought after by high end criminal organisations!

But the book would never have made it this big had it not been for the man behind the story. The man who made it all possible. Mr. Roy Albert Andrade.

11109177_1137365532955836_275290899072594019_oHailing from California, he graduated from the University of Phoenix with a 3.30 GPA and further earned himself an Associate of Arts in Foundations of Business. The first novel he wrote was Cultivating the DNA of Crime and later on, published other books such as Virula: Renaissance Outlaw.

Here’s an interview with Roy Albert Andrade

Have you always been interested in writing, or was it something you took up later on in your life?

RAA: No. When I was younger I wanted to be a drug lord, and distribute drugs worldwide. I began selling marijuana in junior high, and earned nearly $2,000 per week with little effort. I began hiring people, and expanded my operation outside Los Angeles County. In high school, I began selling cocaine, and methamphetamine to earn additional income. Eventually, I was sentenced to prison, and filed an appeal in the California Supreme Court. A year, and a half passed by before I realized the value of an education. I became a student of University of Phoenix, and graduated with an Associate of Arts degree in 2011. Around that time, I began writing Cultivating the DNA of Crime. I hooked up with George Pryce, Death Row Record’s former publicist, and the rest is history!

What got you started with interviewing prisoners about their crimes?

RAA: While serving time at Salinas Valley State prison in Central California, I enrolled in academic courses, self-help groups, and work programs. I met a number of interesting people, and exchanged information regarding gang affiliation. So, when I write, I integrate their ideas, and experiences with my own to form what I call “a work of art.”

How does your life experience as well as your interviews influence you as a writer?

RAA: My life has always encompassed four things. Money, sex, drugs, and violence. I write what I see, hear, touch, taste, and know. I have a background unlike any other. There’s only two people I can name that have a similar background, and have published more than one book. Rene Enriquez, and Donald Garcia (R.I.P). So, what I write is authentic, and most importantly, unique.

What do you like about the novel as a form, rather than short stories, say, or nonfiction?

RAA: I like to get to the point! I’ve read numerous books, some the size of dictionaries, others the size of employee handbooks, and what I learned is this, get to the [expletive] point already! I prefer writing short stories, because I can get to the point, easier, faster, and efficiently, and make the reader turn the next page.

What would you most like readers to know about Cultivating the DNA of Crime?

RAA: If, I can do it, then anyone can do it. Not all of us have the same goals, but, that doesn’t mean, we can’t learn from one another, and achieve what are heart’s desire. I’m a living testimony, that if people work hard enough to achieve a particular goal, and make reasonable deadlines, than they can achieve just about anything. My goal was to write, and publish Cultivating the DNA of Crime. I recently published Virula: Renaissance Outlaw, and am currently working on a third project alongside George Pryce.

Wow, that was very inspiring. 🙂 He is truly the man.

Not all of us have the same goals, but, that doesn’t mean, we can’t learn from one another, and achieve what are heart’s desire

Thank you for sharing your wisdom to all of us!

Be inspired.

Ciao, <3