They say the key to a man’s heart is through his stomach. What about the key to girl’s heart? Compliments, maybe? Not really. Honestly, I know so many girls who are suckers for gifts! 😛 And not just ordinary gifts, thoughtful gifts.

I, for a fact, love receiving gifts. It makes me feel special and obviously, loved. As much as I love gifts, there’s nothing I can compare to the feeling of getting things that are personally decorated or customised by the giver. The thought and effort behind it is all that matters in the end.

Designsbynn is exactly the best place for customised gifts. Mother’s Day just passed by and how I wish I found this site before that but seriously, there’s no need to wait for an occasion for a reason to make someone smile. It could be today or tomorrow. I like getting gifts on days that I least expect it because it simply reminds you of how much the other person thinks of you. 🙂


Personalised Cups from Designsbynn


Decorated Champagne Flutes

Not only that, they also have lovely home decors such as mirrors, pillar candles and etc.


Small Mirror with Henna Design

This post wouldn’t be enough to include all of their amazing designs so it’d be better if you see them yourself. 😉 Drop by their online store and start decorating your own gift!

Let your creative juice flow!

Ciao, <3