Just recently, I discovered a site where I found recipes meant for pressure cookers. Meaning, all of their recipes were to be cooked using a pressure cooker and dear, I’m a sucker for beef stews. 

But then, the secret to a great meal is not only the ingredients or the hands that cook them. Sometimes it’s about the equipment that you use. Why do you think pizza’s taste different from the restaurant where they’ve been baked in big ass wood ovens?

Yes, exactly. Because they are well equipped. It will never taste the same even if you buy the exact same ingredients.

So my point is, if you love cooking, you ought to invest in your kitchen. I never thought that a simple upgrade on pressure cookers could make a huge difference in the way the food tastes.

Using electric pressure cookers is one of the fastest, healthiest and most efficient way of cooking. You might be questioning the efficient part because it uses up electricity but don’t be blinded by the word. Electric pressure cookers are known to be multi-functional. You can use it to cook your rice, slow cooked beef stew (AH..) and even pudding for dessert! And your meal is complete!

Imagine cooking all that in gas?

Note that you will also have a better peace of mind because there would be no more gas leakage, unlike the traditional stove top pressure cookers.

The secret to finding the best pressure cooker amongst the pool of competitors in the market is simple. Best described in one line: Made of durable metal with trivet and safety functions from a trusted brand.

  • It should be made of aluminium or stainless steel to allow the food to cook in an even manner.
  • The handle should be heat resistant so you don’t burn your hands, chuck the mittens!
  • It should have a trivet or heat insulating stand to avoid damaging your kitchen worktop.
  • And of course, buy from a brand you trust.

Some of the brands that are highly recommended are:

  • MaxiMatic EPC-807 : stainless steel with 14 multifunctions and 24 hour delay timer, always ready for people on the go!


  • Cuisinart CPC-600 : Stainless and matte black with prominent safety features. 


  • Cuisinart EPC-1200PC : Cook multiple dishes at once. ‘Nuff said. 


You can find them all and even more at: http://www.pressurecookergurus.com/

They are after all the “Gurus” of pressure cookers. 😉


Till next time <3,

Mandy xx