With the advancements in technology, it’s not shocking to find out something new in the market almost every day. But when it comes to clothing, there’s really nothing new, it’s a cycle that never ends. One day, there’s a trend for little black dresses, the next day, it’s all about maxis. And next month, it’s back to LBDs again. Fashion is a world where you can rock your old pair of faded jeans and still call it a ‘new style’.

Nonetheless, there are people in this industry that wouldn’t settle down for what’s already there. Some people will go out of the way and shock the world with their creativity. TruLi is a women’s clothing brand that decided to design a dress that you’ve never seen or heard of before. A dress that can be worn in 120 different styles.

This dress is the outfit that will change many women’s lives. You wouldn’t have to go change into another outfit after office hours to attend a party. Just wear it like you want it, choose from 119 more options. 😉

Go from the office look…


To the boho chic.


Look sexy within seconds.


The dress gives you an option to choose between 2 printed sides, 2 different colours. The best thing about this magic clothing is that the colour gets better and better after every wash. Dyed using a waterless process, the production would create 95% less industrial pollution. It’s good for the environment, good for you and good for your impatient boyfriend. 😛

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