Winter has already gone but it doesn’t mean you can no longer sport something from the winter collection. The best thing about fashion is it’s the most versatile world. Once you learn the art of mix and matching, there’s no chance of going wrong!

Bobble hats are one of those things designed for winter but can actually be worn as a fashion statement!  Wear it while you’re travelling and secure that hair without losing your sense of style.

But aside from all that, these hats can be very useful specially for travellers. You never know where your heart will take you and of course, it might be summer here in London (which btw is still cold) but winter actually begins in Australia in June!


The Bobble Hat Shop has a collection worthy of your time. Made of real fur, you are guaranteed to have the best quality possible. Good news for those living outside the UK, they deliver to the rest of the world for as low as £12! But if you’re in the UK, enjoy the same delivery for only £4.

Their collection ranges from pompom beanies in wool/acrylic to Luxury Cashmere and pompom key fobs. The best feature of these hats is that the pompoms can be removed and therefore, washable without causing any damage! They also design customised hats according to your own preference, choose your own colour combination!


One of their riding hat silks

Drop by their website at or follow them on Instagram at @thebobblehatshop!



Mandy x