Yes, you guessed this. This post is entirely dedicated for beer, the golden magical liquid that seems to be every man’s best friend (not that girls don’t enjoy it 😉 in fact, I have girlfriends who love beer more than anything.). 

Fun facts about beer:

Oldest drink humans have ever made.

According to ancient Mesopotamia, majority of the brewers were probably females!

The word beer  came from old continental Germanic Languages.

LIGHT makes beer go bad! 

The workers in the Egyptian pyramid were paid with 1 Gallon of beer per day!

The oldest known beer recipe is 4000 years old.

Beer hops and marijuana are in the same family of flowering plants. 

50 Million people are drunk right this moment.

Now that you’re a little more wiser about beer, let’s talk about finding the best place to get the best beer. Obviously, there are just so many ways to find that out, simply type the beer’s brand and ta-da, google gives you a list of reviews. BUT, did you know there’s actually a website that’s entirely dedicated for beer? They don’t just sell them but has reviews from the top beer provider to the top beer club!

Visit Beer Club Reviews to see it yourself!

Goodluck! 😉


Mandy x