We humans are fascinating creatures and it’s amazing how tangible things can give us a lot of emotions. It’s human nature to feel better when we have something that the others don’t. That’s just how we are, you might not want to admit it, but you secretly love the fact that you’re the only one with a bag like that. 😉

That’s probably one of the reasons why some people prefer going for auctions rather than buying things from a shop. First of all, things that are auctioned are usually things that you wouldn’t find anywhere else and hence, the competition. Auction is the act of selling items to the highest bidder. You compete against one another, constantly increasing your bid until everyone else decides to back off. The feeling you get at the end is irreplaceable. It’s as if you won a trophy.

There are several reasons why auctioning is so popular in both the old and modern era.

It symbolises class. Whether you win the bid or not, participating in an auction is one thing you can brag about the next time you have coffee with your friends. Talk about all the unusual things you got to see and how you almost won that painting, if only the sexy gentleman hadn’t showed up. 😛

Speaking of paintings, auctions are great places to find masterpieces. Artworks that will surely leave you breathless.


Shepherd boy sculpture being auctioned from www.thepointerpost.com


Another one from The Pointer Post’s Auction Room

Imagine having artworks like that hanging in your room? 

In fact, auctioning itself is an art. You need to play your cards well and know what’s worth your money. Some people even consider it as a way of living. Win an auction item and sell it at an even higher rate!

Other than that, it’s also a great place to meet people who of course share the same interests as you do.

Why don’t you drop by www.thepointerpost.com and head over to the auction room to start bidding? You might just be the lucky one to take home one of their magnificent sculptures!

Till next time, <3

Mandy xx