Today as I was walking towards the Stratford station, it dawned upon me that Westfield Mall in Stratford was just a 10 minutes walk from the place where I’m currently staying in right now and yet I haven’t even dropped by it once since the time I’ve moved in. Back when I lived in Shepherd’s Bush, I used to frequent Westfield Ariel Way to watch movies, shop and have good food almost everyday and I had no idea that between both the malls, the one in Stratford is the real deal. So close yet so far huh!

After running errands for the day, I decided to treat myself a little to a wee bit of shopping. I walked in and the shopaholic side of me beamed in happiness upon seeing the big bold letter in red, SALE. I felt like jumping in joy but then the adult me took over and told me to “hold on!” and not waste money on impulse buying. Not again!

We all know how expensive London can get and yet we also know how irresistible is the temptation in the land of fashion so I dragged myself home and did my fair share of research on what’s on sale and made a list on what I’d want to buy rather than just storming inside one store after another! And ta-da! I found out that almost all the brands we all love are holding a summer sale with at least 50% off!

Here are some of my favourites in the pool of items that are to die for. P.S. I don’t know until when but it should be on until this week!

ALDO – Well, well, well. I remember fitting these sandals almost a month back and they were for about £60 at that time. But guess how much they are for now? £30! That’s a 50% sale!

white sandals


ALDO ABADORIA (£60/£30 )

FOREVER21 – I can almost hear the girls, in my own active imagination, squealing with excitement. With all the heat wave going all over the Britain, crochets and laces will be your best friend! And where else can you find all the best lacey tops and dresses?

cream crochet top f21


FRED PERRY – Popular for their high-end polo shirts and of course, shoes! Although it attracts more guys than girls, the platform canvas shoes is definitely a street style staple for all the hip chics out there!

Platform Shoes Fred Perry


URBAN OUTFITTERS – The shop is the ultimate champion when it comes to vintage essentials. I only wish they’d put their portable record player (in the pink floral design) on sale! But since that’s not happening, let’s look at the other pretty things they have in store…

Cute Backpack Tan


ZARA – Another one with mind-blowing collections. I normally shop Zara on winters (I love the zippers on their jackets) but they got summer goodies too! With 30C outside, you just wanna lie down with your long island iced tea and bare it all! But when you’re on the go, the best way is to go nude!

Cute Skirt Nude


TOPSHOP – Oh, Topshop… If I had a tree of money growing in my backyard, this is where it’ll all go!

gold earings topshop


Listing all the brands on a Summer Sale period in this post would probably take forever but you can definitely expect all major outlets to be in the competition loop so it’s time to break that piggy bank of yours… 😛 Happy Shopping!

Ciao, <3

Mandy x

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