I finally found the time to update my blog about the restaurants that I’ve visited, life has been so hectic that as soon as I wake up, I get hate messages from my friends saying how busy I’ve become. What can I say?

So, this has been put on hold for a really long time. I have been wanting to write on this place since the day I found it, it’s my favourite steak house after all. The Greedy Cow.

the-greedy-cowCredits to Trip Advisor for the picture

I was walking with my friend on the road side of Victoria Park, starved after a long, long day. Unfortunately, it was already a little too late for restaurants and we had no choice but to ask Siri where the closest steak house is. Well, she took us to the Greedy Cow and I’m so glad she did. Thanks to iPhone’s clever invention.

We reached just in time before they closed their kitchen gates to our hungry tummies. The owner, Rege (I hope I got that right), was friendly enough to have a little chat with us, even suggested what the best steak would be. My friend ordered the specialty of the day, the T-bone steak that was enough to fill two people happily. I ordered the Ribeye steak (now my favourite steak in the world). For dessert, we ordered the Banoffee Pie (Ah….).

Unfortunately, I only have one picture of it. Every time I go there, I just can’t wait to eat the food!


I’d rate the steak 9/10, only because there’s always a room for improvement. 😉 Otherwise, you know my answer. The meat was tender, juicy and of course, beautifully pink. For steak lovers like us, that’s the perfect steak. Before leaving, we asked Rege where he’d get the meat and he was kind to tell us the place! In fact, the meat they have are specially cut for The Greedy Cow, he himself chooses them.

The ambience was nice as well, I always go there in the night so the lights add a lot to the mood. The service was quick and in fact, they offered to keep my food warm ‘coz I was in the washroom when they served it! I don’t remember exactly how much we paid for our meals but on average, I’d say about £50. After that night, me and my friend would probably eat there at least thrice a week. Sometimes, everyday straight!

I remember Rege offering us with free lemon ice cream because we’ve become regular customers. That’s how much we loved it.

I moved to another place and I am now 40 mins. away from the Greedy Cow whereas it used to be just a 10 mins. bus ride from my place before. I don’t even remember when was the last time I ate there. 🙁 But really, what’s 40 mins. for a happy tummy? Now you know what’s for dinner tonight! 😉

Try it out yourself! Here’s the link to their website: http://greedycow.com.

You can thank me later!

Greedy is goooood!

Till next time <3,

Mandy xx

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