The title says its all. 

It’s 1am and my bed beckons me. Yet here I am, sitting on the wooden chair by the window, pounding hard on the keyboard while already dreaming of the softness of my pillow, the warmth of my duvet and the scent of the Lavender candle on my bed side table.

Ah, how amazing can a perfect night’s sleep be? <3

For me (I’m sure for you too), in order to have a good sleep, it’s pretty vital to have a comfortable and cozy bed. What good is a blanket if it leaves you freezing in the night or a pillow if you wake up cringing because of a stiff neck?

Sleepy People is an online store that offers products that assures you a good night’s sleep.


They have all kinds of pillows from the ones made of feather to the latex pillows ranging from different brands.

389853ge_sealy_2_1Silentnight Duck Feather Pillow

I personally believe that having a pillow that suits you is one of the things that can make a huge difference in one’s sleep. If you’re having difficulty with sleep…try changing your pillow! 😉

Having the ultimate duvet is also equally important if you’ve been longing for that undisturbed night. Duvets are magical things, you know? They are capable of lulling anyone to sleep even without a lullaby.

110009_ragooseRest Assured Softened Goose Feather Duvet 


Now, let’s talk about the most important thing. The ideal mattress. Whether you like it soft or a little hard, Sleepy People will have it for you. All of the mattresses they offer are made of memory foam, buy one and your back will thank you for it.

220001_mattressnow_1_1Silentnight memory foam mattress

But if you already have a mattress and they aren’t exactly as comfy as you wished they were, don’t worry. We’ve got that handled. All you need is a mattress topper.

deepsleep120010_2_1Silentnight Deep Sleep mattress topper

Keep one on top of your mattress and say goodbye to your worn out bed. 😉


Annoyed of washing those coffee stained sheets? Or tired of seeing that bed with polka dots made out of tomato sauce and spilled wine?

There’s a solution to that.

If you love sleeping on not only a comfy but also clean bed then do yourself a favour and get a protector. They’re those waterproof sheets (that don’t feel like plastic) that you cover your mattress/duvet/pillow with.

150448_waterproofpillowprotectorpairSilentnight pillow protector pair

Drop by their website and get yourself closer to a dreamy night or just get a gift card and give your loved ones the night they’ve been dreaming of.

And if you’re not sure what to get, call the advice line at 03303 322 575.

You’re just a click away to a good night’s sleep! And you’re welcome 😛

Goodnight y’all!

Sweet dreams! 🙂

Ciaooo <3

Mandy xx