We just got over winter and we’re still enjoying the beauty of spring as we spend afternoons watching the flowers bloom but soon, summer will come in its full glory and we’ll have to say goodbye to cold winds and raindrops on the window, even to our skirts and stockings.


Skirts and stockings. 

The only outfit that will probably never go out of the season. Stockings are such wonderful creations and saved many girls from the distress of dressing up. Feeling lazy? Just put on stockings under your skater skirt…under your shorts…under anything and automatically look like you took 3 hours to dress up.

If you wanna look cute… 


Moustache Stockings from      www.buystockings.com.au

Feeling sexy?


Nylon Fishnet Stockings from www.buystockings.com.au

Do you want to look fierce?


Wet Look Leggings from www.buystockings.com.au

And there’s also one for every occasion! 



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Bridal Shower

Sheer Lace Top Stockings from www.buystockins.com.au

Sheer Lace Top Stockings from www.buystockins.com.au



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Fancy Dress 


Nurse Stockings from www.buystockings.com.au

Who needs jeans when you can have comfy, sexy, cute and stretchy all at once? 😉

Till next time <3,

Mandy xx