Hi guys! Hope everything’s sailing smooth this week! Today, I’m going to write about something that I personally love and cannot go a day without! COFFEE! 

You know what’s a real bummer? When you wake up and find out you’re out of coffee! or perhaps having to chug that tasteless cup of caffeine for the sake of getting through exams night. What if there’s a solution to both of that? Yes! I mean never run out of good, euphoric coffee. Something even your guests would love you for

Sensploration Coffee is more than just buying a bag of coffee beans. It’s month-to-month coffee subscription that takes care of your needs. Fresh roasted coffee beans that comes straight to your doorstep from Hawaii’s best farms every month!


With everything instant today, perhaps the world is forgetting the taste of REAL coffee. This is something I don’t like compromising with. After all, there’s nothing worse than a poor, bland coffee right? These little black beans are full of flavours and not having it the right way is simply unjustified. The discovery of coffee is a cultural phenomenon that goes a long way back in history. It’s more than just a merchandise!

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