Thanks to the great Kim Debling, I can now call myself a Geography genius! Oh yes, I can recite the capitals of every asian country out there like ABC. This technique is a great way to challenge your memorising capabilities which won’t just be handy at school/work but as well as in your day to day lives.

The Method of Loci is one of the most powerful and effective tools in enhancing your memory from facts and figures to lists and words. It is also known as the Memory Palace Technique. Within 32 lectures, I felt like a walking atlas!

The method is directly implemented during those lectures by training you to remember every capital in Asia. Walking the extra mile and learning the rest of the world’s capitals is totally your choice and by the way, a piece of cake after mastering this super cool method.

I spent the first section learning how it works and understanding the main fundamentals of it. The rest were about exercising the method and getting better at it. Share this technique to your family and friends and let’s all get the best of our memories!

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