If you’re a huge foodie like me, I’m pretty sure that you spend 90% of your pocket money on food alone. At the end of the month, you realise you could’ve bought yourself a cute bag and a matching outfit for the amount of money you wasted on eating out. That is exactly my life story.

Despite having a fully functional kitchen, I still find myself at the doorstep of a tempting restaurant every other day. If only I could cook, I would have saved myself a great amount of time and money but I’m not very good in the kitchen even during the days that I actually feel like a chef in my own ways. 😛

Luckily, I found a fellow food blogger who so kindly shared her recipes on her blog.


There’s practically more choices than I can count for every meal and as well as drinks such as my favourite Frozen Berry Smoothie! The best part is all of these recipes are easy to follow and are laid out in such a manner that you yourself would feel like getting in the kitchen!

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