What is pub crawl exactly?

Many people wouldn’t know (like me), to be honest, I’ve only heard of it here in UK, for the first time in my entire existence. Maybe because I was living under a rock… or simply because I’ve known it to be called something else in the places that I have been.

Here’s what Wikipedia says…

It is the act of one or more people drinking in multiple pubs or bars in a single night, normally travelling by foot or bus to each destination and occasionally by cycle.

Yup. If you hadn’t known what it meant before, Bar hopping or Bar tour would probably be the ‘light bulb’ you had been waiting for. We called it “Bar Hopping” back to the country where I’m from too.

If you have a great interest in meeting new people then I bet you would love the Pub Crawl culture here in the UK. Specially here in London. πŸ˜‰

This is literally bringing your nightlife to a whole new level. Why? 


1) Where else would you get access to crazy discounts and free shots?

2.) Why pay for expensive bars to party when you can pub crawl instead and meet even more peppy people?

3) Pub Crawl brings out the beast in you. ‘Nuff said.

Now, you might come across thousands of pub crawls all through out London and then the real question arises, which one do you choose?

Why not try out Nights Gone Wild?


The name itself says it all. Nights. Gone. Wild. This is one of the wildest and biggest pub crawls in London. Seriously.

Pay only Β£20 upfront for Central London Pub Crawl (book online and only pay Β£15!), you get:

5 Free Shots to get that body of yours pumped up πŸ˜‰

Access to 5 bars and clubs in WEST END for FREE. crazy, eh?

Discounts all through out the night. I can hear you say ‘Niceee’. πŸ˜›

and of course…

A professional photographer. You don’t really wanna miss this chance to upload awesome pictures on your Facebook and Instagram, do you?

NightsGoneWild-16-01-2015 thumb-3

Whether you live right in the midst of buzzing Soho or a tourist coming all the way from the farthest corner of the world, YOU ARE WELCOME. (Y)

Also, Nights Gone Wild has an Alternative Pub Crawl for Shoreditch lovers. You think Central London is too mainstream (Really?) or you just prefer to go wild somewhere in the East, worry not. They offer the same badass amenities and freebies.


Rated to be #1 Pub Crawl in London by Trip Advisor

Wait, there’s more.

They even have themed pub crawls! LIKE London Gone Wild: Midsummer Night’s Dream or Beach Party Bar Crawl and many more!


Click here to buy the tickets now! or contact them at: +44 (0) 20 7096 0371

Visit their website at: www.nightsgonewild.com for more information, photos and videos! πŸ˜€

Maybe we’d bump on to each other, someday. πŸ˜‰

See you there!

And as what they’d say… Don’t worry, Bar happy πŸ˜‰

Ciao <3

Mandy xx