I’ve already featured Phuket once before but the island is just full of wonders that it deserves another post. Thailand itself is to known to be home for many of the magnificent creatures we call Elephants. Phuket, a popular tourist destination in Thailand offers not just elephant sightseeing but as well as an up close experience with them.

Phuket Elephant Trails will take you to Phuket’s breathtaking tropical forests while you sit graciously on top of the elephant guided by an experienced mahout. A great and unique way to interact with these gentle giants as you connect with them and as well as the nature.


Take your family to one of their elephant trekking activities and enjoy a half day fun or even a full day various activities. Visit the other places included in your package together such as Waterfall, Tsunami Memorial and so much more with a bonus of a traditional Thai meal!

Thinking about the well-being of these elephants? Don’t worry, they’re providing them with the highest quality of life they can possibly have.  Learn more from their website and read testimonials from those who have experienced it already!

Let’s head to Phuket!



Mandy x