Photography has drastically evovled ever since it was ever discovered. From black and white spitting cameras to badass Go Pros, who knows what future holds?  We are often looking for something new when it comes to technology, unlike everything else, photography is a never ending progression. It just keeps getting better and better.

DroneGuru is bringing the whole Photography business to a whole new height. Literally. Thanks to them, we can now capture pictures at every angle possible. There’s no need to awkwardly lie down on the ground to take a picture of that sky high building. Simply sit back and enjoy the view, grab yourself a glass of long island iced tea and let your drone do the dirty work.


Attach your GoPro and let the drone be your personal photographer. Never miss out on any moment, the drone will record everything. Drone Guru has a fabulous collection of drones that will surely fit and hold your gadget in tact. Choosing the right drone for your GoPro is an integral part in clicking great pictures. How do you expect to capture a breathtaking picture with an ill-fitting drone? 😉

Head over to their website and begin your photography journey with endless possibilities.

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Ciao, <3

Mandy xx