Finding a store that provides for all of my hobbies is like finding an oasis in the desert. And I’m not even exaggerating about that. As a crazy art enthusiast, many a times I find myself into brush lettering only to be obsessed about making handmade dream catchers the next day. Hey, it’s not easy. Specially when you have to turn the world-wide web upside down looking for the materials every time you find a new passion. 😛

Luckily for me and probably for you too, Haberdashery & Craft Store, also known as Joyrose has everything a craft maker would ever need, from feathers to buckles. Name it and they’ve got it! They even have an entire selection for purse/bag making! Your very own handmade bag, isn’t that better than MK? 😉


Purse Frame/Handle

And if you don’t fancy that, then try jewelleries! Buy your set of beads and charms and turn it into a wonderful tiara. Check out their collections for every season and occasion from Birthdays to Valentines, it’s indeed a one stop destination.


Valentines Day Inspired Ribbon

Drop by their website to see more of their amazing products and I’m sure you’ll find one for your hobby too!

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