Since I’ve been getting constant messages from friends and people who seem to appreciate my hair more than I do :P, I finally decided to dedicate a post for it. It took me quite a long time to write about it because frankly, I don’t have a hair care routine. You see, when you’re on the go, there’s just no way you can maintain one or even afford a trip to the salon every other weekend – calendar wise and wallet wise!

I’m one of those girls that don’t own a hairdryer, curler, straightener, etc. mainly because I don’t have space in my suitcase and because I don’t really use them. I don’t use hair products either and no, I’ve never tried dry shampoo before. The only chemical treatment I’ve done to my hair is hair colouring. So I guess you’d understand why it literally took me ages to write this post! *hehe*

Nonetheless, I managed to put together some tips on how I maintain it instead because for a girl on the go and for the amount of torture I literally put my hair through, it’s still pretty much healthy — read on!

First, let’s start with my hair texture: after chemically treating it with hair dye (multiple times including bleach), it’s still safe to say I can easily walk straight out of the shower, leave it to dry and comb it using my fingers and still get away with it. You’d think I blow dried it, combed it and applied whatever serum they constantly advertise on TV. I’m not saying it’s perfect, God knows how much problems (and money) these follicle strands on my head have caused (and cost) me. But it’s definitely low-maintenance, let’s give it that!

So what’s the secret? 


I really swear by this. I can use whatever shampoo available but I always, always use a conditioner. I used Cream Silk (a Filipino brand) for a very long time until I started travelling more and I had no choice but to use other brands. I’m not brand conscious as long as it’s a conditioner that smells good.

Remember: don’t use conditioner on your roots, rather work your way from the end to mid-area.


For me, there’s really no schedule for hair washing. Sometimes I wash it twice a day (specially when I’m in hot, humid countries), sometimes I don’t at all. But in general, I wash my hair every single day – whenever the situation doesn’t allow me to, I try to do it as soon as I can. I heard a lot of people say it’s unhealthy to wash it everyday because you’re stripping away the natural oil but to each his own, whatever works for you. You know your hair better than anybody!

P.S. You can also wash your hair without shampooing it and just using your conditioner if your hair is already too dry.


I try to trim the split ends every month. I also constantly get my hair chopped because it grows (and I get bored…) too fast to keep a hairstyle for more than a month so it automatically gets trimmed anyways.


I’ve never used hair products on my hair before unless I really had to for an event or the like. These products (hairspray, gels, mousse, etc) are packed with chemicals and even though they might work short-term in taming those tresses, you’re still killing your hair slowly. Even if the bottle says “chemical-free”, I’d still say avoid it if you can!

Try going all natural once in a while and leave the straightener in the drawer. I’ve never used a hair straightener in my entire existence and I can count the number of times I’ve used a curler. Every time I want to curl my hair, I D.I.Y. by keeping a braid overnight. What do you think happens when you’re constantly burning your hair?


You can still protect your hair without using products. Because I’m always on the go, I tend to experience sudden climate change almost all the time so I just try to tie my hair whenever the wind is too harsh or wear a cap when it’s too hot. My fav is wearing a cap rain or shine, I love love love caps. Plus they’re fashionable! 😉


In case you didn’t already know, the hair is made of protein called Keratin. Basically, those follicles’ building blocks are vitamins and nutrients found in your diet. So if you’re having junk food for dinner, don’t be surprised why your hair is as dull as your meal. 😉

P.S. I’ve always enjoyed fishes like Salmon and Mackerel and luckily, they’re great sources of Omega-3 which is known to keep hair shiny and full.


My hair can get really flat specially after I wash it and while many people love the sleek, polished hair look, I love it when it’s messy. So I try to wash my hair in the night, sleep on it and when I wake up, I have more volume and texture…voila. Sometimes I apply loose powder on the roots so it looks a little dry but just enough to have texture.

My lazy day/bad hair day hack: I love wearing a cap after I tie my hair in a bun because it’s easy and I love those little waves at the bottom that the bun leaves. 🙂

My go to salon: Toni & Guy. Whenever I need a change of colour, I go to T&G because hair colour chemicals can be really harsh and I prefer professionals doing it for me. Plus I love how friendly and professional they are at the same time.

Also, considering other factors – I’m half Filipino and truth be told, I think I owe whatever my hair is to my angel mother who shared her beautiful asian genes with me. Second, as a child, I remember sitting under those big round things they used at salons for hot oil treatments. My mother loved taking care of my hair from brushing it every night to regular hot oil treatments, we even had it at home. So it’s either the genes or the treatment has some serious long-lasting effects or both!

Maybe you’re a little disappointed because you expected a miracle serum but don’t be too bummed if none of those works out for you. I personally think you just have to accept whatever God gave you. Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman after all, with hair or without!

P.S. Patronising aside, you also need a lot of patience. It’s not going to work overnight. 😉

Till next time, 

Mandy xx

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