Many a times we notice how oily or how dry our skin is, little did we know, it could be dehydrated as well. Recently, I went for a facial treatment where a specialist looked at my skin closely before deciding the perfect and suitable treatment. All of my life I thought my skin was oily so it came off as a surprise when the lady told me my skin was ‘dehydrated’.

After the session, I felt refreshed and I honestly noticed the difference immediately. It was then when i realised the real importance of water, not just for our body but even for our face! That magical liquid…

Luckily, there’s something called “Mineral Water Spray“. Shove it in your bag and hydrate your skin on the go. It’s literally what I’d call a miracle in a bottle. 😉

Here’s why this mineral facial water spray needs to be added on your ‘Must Haves’:

1) Instant Relief!

When it’s hot outside, spray some on your face and immediately feel like you just had a nice and soothing dip in the pool. For the guys out there, it’s also a good way to soothe razor rashes after shaving that stubble of yours.

2) Minerals

The benefit lies in its name itself. The mineral water spray’s ‘minerals’ will be absorbed by the upper layers of your skin, leaving you looking healthy and blooming.

3) Easy to carry.

The size of the Royal Canadian Mineral Water Spray is small enough that it can easily fit into your bag. Perfect for the guys and gals on the go!

The list goes on and on. If you’d like to find out more about this wonder water then visit their website and get yours now!