How many of you have met an actual burlesque dancer? I first heard about this sensual dancing technique when Christina Aguilera’s movie hit the screens in 2010 and eventually swept everyone off their feet.

Today, I’m going to introduce to you the modern Dita Von Teese, Ms. Eva Mae Garnet.


Eva is a burlesque dancer from San Diego who is about to set the stage on fire in the UK somewhere around November this year (watch out for the date) as she will be competing for the World Burlesque Games in London! She has been trained by several legends in the field of dancing. This bombshell dancer knows how to capture the audience’s interest with her comedic yet sensual movements. When she’s on stage, the world is in her hands.


The Fiesty Fuego is also the co-founder and co-producer of San Diego’s leading classic burlesque troupes, The Drop Dead Dames Burlesque Revue Troupes.

When Eva Mae isn’t flaunting her dangerous moves, you will find her modeling for magazines, art shows and etc.


Discover her world by dropping by or watch her at and get to know this dancing diva more!

Be Inspired ❤️ 


Mandy x