When you think of fashion, you immediately think of the latest dress or what your favourite celebrity wore at one of their innumerable social gatherings. You think of high-end brands and matching shoes and bags. I bet you never thought of houses and rooms, I mean how can a house look fashionable anyway?

The answer is right inside this post.

It’s easy to make a room look upscale without leaving a hole in your pocket. The secret to having the perfect abode is simple and you don’t have to be an expert in interior designing.

First of all, plan a theme for your place. Don’t just decide on an impulse, take your time and actually think of what you would want to see everyday for the next couple of years.

Buy the right furniture. Don’t buy that huge sofa just because it’s on a discount. Think whether its going to look great with your table or would it just leave your tiny living room looking even tinier?

And most of all, the most crucial part would be choosing the right decor. It’s amazing how a room can be transformed just by adding few artistic wall decor. Visit Artbydanny to start with, an easy store that offers museum quality posters on thick matte paper.

Here’s some from their collection:


I would love waking up to this starfish in my room every morning. Bring out the summer vibes!


Spice up the your office lounge!


This reminds me of an atom, perfect near the study table!


Here’s my personal favourite. I just love the vibrance of it.

Look for more on their website and I’m sure you’ll find one for your own taste!

And you’re good to go. You can start making your place look so much more inviting! Now, wasn’t that simple?

Till next time,

Mandy x