31st May, 2015. A date much awaited by all ice cream lovers in London. Regent Street was taken over Magnum’s mad marketing skills. A day where everyone was entitled to unlimited free Magnum ice creams and crazy discounts and more freebies!

The party began at 12:00pm but then I woke up late today (It’s Sunday!) so I reached there at around 5:00pm, at least the rain stopped by then! No issues, all the stores were open until 7pm.

The first store I dropped by was Topshop, who would miss those inflatables and the giant claw crane right across the Oxford underground station? (instead of plush toys, you could win shoes, clothes, etc!)


The crowd was less than I expected. Maybe because I reached quite late or they were gathered somewhere else, either way, it was good for me. I ended up buying this leather jacket on sale for £50 and got two tokens to use on their vending machines inside. Both went vain, thanks to my impressive arcade skills. BUT. I did get a free cheek tint. All I had to do was tweet something to @Topshop and a surprise freebie would automatically drop from the machine soon after you tweet. Sweet!




Other than that, I got a free stick of cotton candy too. 😛

Just a couple of steps from Topshop, I found one of the many stalls where they gave free magnum ice creams, choose between their new Espresso or Raspberry flavours or if you don’t mind queuing twice, enjoy both! The queue was obviously long but everyone kept their inner beasts tamed. The line moved swiftly, as if there wasn’t any line at all. Within 5 mins, I got my free Espresso ice cream! It’s a shame I didn’t get to have the Raspberry one, I had an hour left and there were so much more left to do.




I met my friend there and walked in and out of every store. I didn’t mind walking from one end to the other at all, thanks to my comfy shoes. There were so many events as you can see from the list but I only managed to see a few. I watched the catwalk where they walked the ramp wearing brands like Mango and etc. We also went to the DJ booth and met this gentleman dressed in a pink and black outfit who danced to the English beats in Punjabi style!



I managed to take a sneak peek of the Pink and Black Emporium without queuing although I didn’t get the complimentary Magnum dips! So much for shortcuts.


Well, I think Magnum made every shopaholic’s day today for giving out so many discounts ranging from brands such as Banana Republic, Guess, Juicy Couture, FCUK, Russel and Bromley, GAP, H&M, A/X, etc. 

Favourites from today’s ensemble:


Comfy Aldo flats for a lot of walking

MAC Dark Red Lipstick + Lipliner



You gotta love Magnum!