Mad House Grill is a cute restaurant (gastropub feeling)  in Koregaon Park, an area that seems to be frequented by tourists the most. It reminds me of a countryside barbecue restaurant because of all the wood and also because of the red checkered picnic table cloths. They also had a small but fully functional bar by the counter which immediately brought me back to my London pub days. Oh, those days…

I’ve been longing for steaks since I first stepped foot in India and finding a restaurant that served steak here is a struggle in itself, let alone finding a decent one! The spontaneous visit in Koregaon Park did a great favour to satisfy my food lust. I was actually shocked at the Pepper steak’s goodness and I vowed to go back there again. Along with that, we were given complimentary garlic breads. The service was commendable, we requested for fresh breads since the ones they served us were quite hard and they gladly replaced them with new, hot buns.


The price for two people is pretty decent, you can order two plates of steaks with steamed vegetables and mini jacket potatoes with two drinks for at least Rs. 1200 or around £12! And that’s probably one of the most decent steaks you’ll ever get in Pune with a bonus of a beautifully decorated restaurant. And if you doubt my honest judgement, try typing ‘steaks’ in and you’ll see Mad House Grill amongst the top! One thing you should notice is the witty posters they somehow decorated the whole place with. Not just that but in fact, the entire resto’s decorum. How everything was carefully thought out, from the white wooden chairs to match the white wooden façade outside. I personally loved the wallpaper near the staircase towards the upper floor, despite the tiny size of the place, they managed to make use of the second floor!

Mad house Grill might be a bit hard to find at daytime but you can always scan through KP and you’ll definitely see those big bold letters. It might be easier in the night because of the bright lights that they have outside. I remember passing by there once at night and I did notice the board although I didn’t know I’d find myself writing about it one day! So the next time you drop by KP, I’d suggest to drop by this cutesy artsy place and give their pepper steak a shot! It’s definitely worth it!