Great news for all the Lyft riders and drivers out there! There are tons of promos available this year for all of you!

For those who don’t know, Lyft is one of the fastest growing website for sharing rides in the transportation industry. Being a Lyft member brings several benefits which is why their growth rate keeps improving over time. They do not just have promos for new members but even for existing ones to keep everyone happy!

Here are some of the Lyft promo codes for 2015:


You can earn an extra $20 ride credit if you’re new to Lyft! Think of it as a ‘thank you for joining’ gift!


And of course, driving for Lyft will also give you a chance to earn a cash bonus up to $1000! If you’re a new driver then make sure you use this code!

Another plus point for the drivers is the weekly guarantee promo! Lyft will give you a guarantee that you would earn a certain amount by the end of the week and if you don’t, worry not, they will pay you the difference!

It doesn’t end there, they also have an hourly guarantee program which follows the same theory except you earn by hour. Lyft will pay you the difference if you do not earn what they promised! Isn’t that amazing?

There are so many ways that a driver can be rewarded such as by referring a new rider or a new driver to the Lyft app, you could earn extra cash! As simple as that.

If you’re a Lyft passenger, you are also entitled to several benefits. Refer Lyft to your friends and family and earn free rides together! Try it and see for yourself.

What are you waiting for? Grab the promo codes now! 🙂


Mandy x