In my last post, I wrote about the beauty of Rotterdam but let me take you away from Europe (for now :p) and let’s talk about North America this time.

Yup, you probably guessed it. Mexico. The land of my favourite Jalapeños and how can I forget, Tequila. 😉 But there’s more to latina beauties and macho men, Mexico is actually the country that introduced chocolate to the world! Fascinating, eh?


Here are some fun facts about Mexico:

  • The wildcat Jaguar can be found in their southern jungles. 😮
  • The tiniest dog in the world, “chihuahua” was named after a Mexican state!
  • The city sinks 10 inches every year. Oh no~!
  • The oldest living tree, 40 ft high, can be found in Mexico.
  • The Aztecs considered hot chocolate to be a sacred drink. What? <3

Btw, did you know that Mexico is the new land of opportunity because of their constant improvement in enticing investors? They have reached a completely new level of sophistication and the country is putting up great efforts to compete with their rivals.

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Have fun! <3

Mandy xx