Finding the most comfortable boxer might be a struggle for all the men out there and I’m not one to know. But then, I’m a girl with eagle eyes. I observe quite a lot. I notice a lot of things when I walk in the park or when I watch men play basketball. I notice the guys in my class and how they slyly try to fix their undies to let their manhood breathe. 

I don’t know what kind of underwear men love but I do know they’re not only looking for the most comfortable ones but also for the sexiest pair of underwear. You never know when you have to strip off your pants. 😉


Jacksy Underwear aims to achieve both. Blending comfort with sexiness. They believe that every man deserves an underwear that wouldn’t leave their wallets empty and at the same time, look like they’ve waltz straight out of a magazine.

Available in different funky colours, there’s no way your girl wouldn’t notice you in them.




With the exclusive offer going on, you can avail 2 pairs of Jacksy’s for as low as £15. Never compromise with style and comfort again. Check out their website to order now or follow them below for their latest collections!


Ciao <3,

Mandy xx