It feels like it’s been ages since I’ve written something about food that I’m actually struggling to think of a title for this one. But even though I have the strongest urge to shut my laptop down and snore my way to glory (It’s 12 AM), I will not. If I don’t write about it now, I never will.

I reached Jakarta 3 days ago AND honestly all I’ve been doing is eat, eat and eat. 😅 I’m renting an apartment I found through a friend in Tangerang, about 40 mins drive to central Jakarta (if there’s no traffic). I love the location of my apartment because first of all, it’s literally surrounded by restaurants and convenience stores! It’s also just walking distance to the malls like TangCity Mall and Metropolis Town Square.

Today I ventured on something very different, I’m quite proud of myself for actually being able to do it. I first saw these tiny stalls outside the mall, just a couple of mins walk from my place, I naturally assumed they wouldn’t be as good as the food inside the mall. On my first day, I chose to eat in one of the restaurants inside despite my curiosity for the food that was out in the open.

As I sat in my room today, I was confused on what to eat for dinner and I had no energy to put on nice clothes and eat somewhere fancy nor did I have anything to cook so I thought: why not try the stalls? What was I scared of? Stomach ache? I’ve survived food poising and diarrhoea in India already.

I went out in the same pyjamas I’d been wearing all day (It was a Sunday, don’t judge) and because I’m a natural born paranoid, I left everything valuable except my phone. How else would I share these pictures? 😂 I carried about 100,000RP in cash which is about $7! That should be enough…

I ordered a bowl of “soto daging bening” or “clear meat soup” in English. Tip** By meat they usually mean beef. I also ordered a plain/steamed rice like a true asian. Honestly, it was the best meal I’ve had so far since I’ve landed here in Indonesia! Contrary to my initial thoughts, the people were so accommodating despite not being able to converse in proper English. They made sure I got what I wanted with the right amount of spices.

Since I didn’t expect the food to be dirt cheap, I had more cash in my pocket for another meal (Yes! Check out the prices below) and so I ordered the popular Nasi Goreng or fried rice. I’ve had the same dish in a fancier place just a day ago and I wanted to make a comparison.

And I wasn’t disappointed. It was amazing. Why did I not try this before? I really love that there’s always a spoonful of chilli paste served with the food. If you’re on a budget, you should try the small stalls you usually see around the corner. You won’t be disappointed. And your wallet will thank you.

I only paid 68,000RP for two full meals and two drinks! Imagine. I had 32k left from the cash I carried but I was way too full to try another dish. Maybe next time.

Here’s a picture of their menu and the prices.

P.S. I also really liked the fresh Avocado juice or the “juice Alpukat”. Generally, it’s easy to find fruit juice in the streets of Jakarta, perfect for when youre strolling under the heat.

That’s all for now! Stay tuned! ❤️


Mandy x


Right outside Metropolis Town Square. It’s hard to miss but I guess they’re only open during the evenings. Address: Jalan Hartono Raya, Modern Kelapa Indah, Tangerang, Klp. Indah, Kec. Tangerang, Kota Tangerang, Banten