It’s just been 20 minutes since I sat down at my favourite corner seat at Starbucks and my skinny vanilla latte already taste cold and stale. I’m so lost in my own train of thoughts that if somebody tried to steal my bag and walked in front of me, I wouldn’t realise at all. All I’ve been doing for the past 20 minutes is watch people cross roads and I can’t help but think, how weird are human beings?

My day, for instance, started with a really odd encounter with this Caribbean man who had special sentiments for Jerk chicken sauce (I tell you, humans are weird) while I was buying my lunch. I ordered a bowl of Jerk chicken and specifically asked for ‘no sauce’ when this 6ft. gentleman behind me ‘playfully’ pushed me and asked me if I was crazy. I mean, I’m not the one touching strangers in line out of the blue, why am I the one crazy? Apparently, in his house they NEVER waste the sauce. In his demanding voice he said ‘tell her to give me your sauce, haha’. Just because I hate being ordered around and that sentence sounded so wrong in so many levels (read it again and then tell me i’m wrong), I told the kind lady behind the counter that I changed my mind and I actually want the sauce now. You have no idea how satisfying it was to watch his jaw drop to the ground.

Bottom line is, he asked for my name and my ‘gram username’ which he didn’t get btw because that’s probably how they make new friends in his house too. Welcome to the 21st century where numbers are old news. So Mr. Jerk Sauce – pun intended – thought it was interesting how I deprived him of the sauce and how I seemed like the student who sat at the last bench during social etiquette classes. Incidentally leading us back to my point – humans are weird creatures. We tend to like people who treat us like shit and ignore those who actually treat us nicely. Anyways, I may have burnt my lips because it was really spicy and I’m never going back in that store again but maybe if he asked me nicely, I would have actually been nicer. Maybe. 😛

I just caught a glimpse of me at the café’s black glazed glass door and I realised how my messy hair actually spoke so much about my character. I wonder if people’s hair reflected their personas? Maybe the woman with the perfect slick back hair is a control freak? It’s amazing how much you can discover about a person if you just take a minute to observe them. Look at the person in front of you right now and notice how he or she talks. Does he/she take the time to articulate every word? Or is he/she too lazy to finish a sentence?

So that’s that. I gotta get back to work and get back into being the girl in an orange gypsy top and ripped jeans at the corner of Starbucks, sipping an orange juice and skinny latte at the same time. Hey, don’t judge. We’re all weird humans. Unless you’re a cow who knows how to read – now wouldn’t that be bizarre? Hmm.

Till next time,

Mandy xx