Do you remember how it felt like entering the candy shop when you were just 5? That sudden rush of joy when your mom agrees to buy you that box of chocolates?


Oh, I felt the same when I found Ashby Treats or also known as Sweet Memory Lane. They are a family run business in a market town called Ashby de la Zouch in Leicestershire.

Looking through their sweets collection made me feel so nostalgic that my sweet tooth began to ache, begging for that tempting chocolate marshmallow to melt in my mouth. Dark Chocolate Marshmallow for £0.50

Or if you’re a 90’s kid like me…

Gobstopper for £4.50

Doesn’t it remind you of Ed, Edd and Eddy? 😛 Well, it might not be as big as their Jawbreakers (Yup, they’re the same) but Ashby Treats definitely has World’s Largest Gobstopper.

They have everything. EVERYTHING. From Nougat (Hi, peanut lovers!), Boiled Sweets (The traditional candies in so many flavours!), Bon Bons, Gum & Jelly, Mint, Toffee, Mallows to Haribo! Name it, they got it. Fizballs for £1.50 Dobson Cherry Mega Lollipops for £0.50

Not only that, they even have an entire section dedicated only for Chocolates! Isn’t that just amazing? Chocolate Tin

For those Liquorice lovers out there, Ashby treats offers the real taste of liquorice ranging from Abruzzo that comes all the way from Italy, Catherine Wheel and so many more. Allsorts 

Now I know some people wouldn’t want to compromise on their health which is why I’d suggest to try the Bon Bons Soft Dutch Liquorice.

No added preservatives and colours, no aniseed, just for you to enjoy it’s freshness.

This would also be the perfect gift to your loved ones for literally any occasions. Drop by the gift ideas section and find out what you can give your Mom, Dad, Boyfriend/Girlfriend or to that grumpy teacher you have (he’ll probably start smiling too). 😉

Mint Hamper Box for £25.00

or shop by occasion! What could be sweeter than receiving a jar of chocolate on Valentine’s Day?

And then comes my favourite… COFFEE. Thank God for it’s existence. <3

Kenya Kahwa Kuchoma 

You can ask this award winning sweet shop to even cater for your party needs since they don’t only have party bags for your jolly young fellows but also, wedding flowers. Joe Party Cone for £2.75

You’re probably wondering where this sweet haven I’ve been blabbering about is. Well, yes, it is located in Leicestershire but you don’t have to go that far. 😉

They have an online store!

Visit and order your own set of sweets! Don’t forget to send me some… ha, just kidding 😛 

or simply get in touch with them at: 015305 64637 and their Facebook site.


Have a sugary night! (or day wherever you’re from)

Much much love <3,

Mandy xx