Yes, you heard that right. More like you ‘read’ that right! Ha. There is now a ‘Google’ for everyone looking for a property, simply type it on the search box like you would on your search engine and Grelis will gather all of the relevant information you would ever need!

Grelis is a mind-blowing development of Tom Rapko, he has brought the entire world of real estate to a whole new level. You can now search for your next house like you’re online shopping at amazon! Filter your needs and there’s no need to browse for hours and days just to find the right place for you.

You haven’t heard the best part yet, it provides both rental and for sale listings across the entire globe in every budget using listing keywords to identify the best results for your interests. It works anywhere in the world, wherever you may be!

It’s similar to the countless listing sites out there when searching for accommodation and etc. but at a bigger depth since it covers not just your neighbourhood area but even miles and oceans away from you.

Are you planning to move from London to California? Go ahead, drop by the this amazing real estate search engine. Or have you changed your mind and you want to move to Spain instead? No problemo. Use Grelis again!

It’s one but it’s everything.

Hope that helped!

Ciao <3

Mandy x


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