If you’ve been following my blog then you must have read about the new cosmetic line dedicated for all the modern women. Well, hello again because I’m back with another post for Aradé but this time with a bang!

Dpq-tYDKlhFV_a4W1qeLNhThcZyc10WiP1_1WbBmCM0The creator of the magical prickly pear seed oil is feeling all generous now that the Christmas season started! You’ve got just enough time to look younger and more radiant than ever. Aradé is going to help you achieve that because they are giving away their signature miracle bottle, the prickly pear seed oil!


If you haven’t heard of it yet then here’s a brief info on why it’s so ‘magical’:

  • Fights against premature ageing, making your skin look younger than before.
  • Provides natural nourishment so you can have that perfect glow.
  • Helps reduce dark circles!
  • Vitamin E infused for brighter face!
  • Tightens your pores!
  • It’s organic!

The list goes on and on, if you’d like to know more then feel free to drop by my previous post regarding how I use the Prickly Pear Seed Oil on my face or read everything about it here.

If you want to be the lucky one to win this $135 worth of product then hold on tight as I tell you how!

  1. Follow Aradé Cosmetics and Muzzy Mandy (to see the giveaway) on Instagram.

  2. Share the Insta Picture and tag 3 of your friends!

  3. Make sure your profile is set to public.

  4. Don’t forget to use #aradecosmetics #muzzymandygiveaway!

The giveaway is open to all US and Canada participants, hurry up because the winner will be announced on Monday, November 16!


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That’s all folks and you could take home the miracle bottle! If you don’t win then worry not because you can still make it a part of your beauty regime by visiting their online shop and perhaps even find more useful products for yourself!

Goodluck y’all!

Let the games begin! 😀


Mandy x



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