Having a full time job is itself a struggle, what more if you had other responsibilities to take care of? I’ve seen a lot of people, specially women, juggle between work, home and sometimes even their businesses! And it makes me wonder, where do they get their will power from?

Let’s take a sneak peak into the life of a Croatian beauty from Oslo, Norway who is just one of the many modern wonder women of our century!


Janis Maria Wilson is a retired model who ventured into the world of creative business after gaining enough experiences from her previous journeys. Not only that, she is also an aspiring actress-cum-director and of course, a designer! Wow. All of that in one body. 

Before graduating with a degree on Bachelor’s of Economic and Marketing, Janis Maria was already an all-rounder. During her early years of education, she spent half a lifetime in art school while honing her mathematical skills by choosing it as an extra curriculum! Did you know that Art and Math completely belong to the opposite poles of our brain and only a genius can be good at both? Kudos to Janis for achieving that!

In order to fund her studies, she entered the path of modelling and her unique beauty often earned her awards such as being crowned as Miss Norway. Janis Maria has also appeared in several music videos, shows, commercials and magazine covers during her early 20s in Norway, Spain, Italy and USA. In fact, she was offered to model for the infamous Playboy magazine in 2010 but declined the offer due to her future plans of opening her own company.

She has also been lucky enough to work with a world renowned photographer, Jeremy Deputat, several times.


After retiring from modelling in 2011, Janis along with her mother finally launched their own company called World Wide Wilson – inspired by the Wilson’s themselves travelling around the world 😉 Being the current marketing ambassador for the colourful Cancun Sign, it’s not hard to spot Janis in Cancun, Mexico!



As busy as she may seem, Janis makes sure she keeps her connection with art alive! Like the piece of art she specially made for Mother’s Day. Isn’t that just beautiful?


The tattoo is of her mom’s initials whilst on the other hand, she got tattoo of John Lennon’s autograph. She is indeed a huge fan of both the legends, John Lennon and The Beatles!


Check out her website www.janismaria.com to keep up with her latest updates!