Veza Bands are popular for their charity wristbands that do not look like your ordinary charity bands. They’ve partnered with 12 world known charities to make their dream happen. From the traditional bands, they’ve upgraded their game to sporty and stylish accessories for both men and women.



Made of the highest quality materials, the band can be easily worn and of course sits comfortably on your wrist. The design is such that the wristband can be worn on any occasion. The logo VEZA is classically embossed on the band making it look even more elegant. It’s stretchable and waterproof so you are rest assured it’ll last long enough!

All charity bands are only for $10 each! And with each purchase, a part of it goes to the charity Action Against Hunger. Every colour you choose has its own charity. So if you want to be an advocate against hunger, get the black one.

Veza also specialises in unique bracelets like the one shown below.


This lion charm and onyx bead bracelet is perfect for everyday wear. Spice up your outfit with this or choose more from their collections on the website!