Ziemi Jewellery is an online jewellery shop that specializes in creating unique, eco-friendly silver necklaces. Ziemi Jewellery is being launched this summer 2015, and is founded by Alexandra Yanciw, who wanted to create jewellery that is both beautiful, and earth friendly.

‘Ziemi’ is Polish for ‘of the earth’, which is reflected in many of our pieces, which are made of a silver more pure, bright, and environmentally responsible than traditional sterling, and with beautiful, focal pieces of semi-precious stones or Tagua nut slices (100% sustainable, Eco-friendly & fair trade).

Ziemi Jewellery prides itself on creating an eco-friendly shopping experience, from the manufacturing process, to the moment you open your 100% recycled shipping package. Each necklace has been created using responsible, recycled silver. For more information on our commitment to the environment, view our Green Initiatives: www.ziemi.ca/pages/green-initiative or www.ziemi.ca!

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