PickAPaw is a platform that connects buyers with professional breeders. Getting a pet is not as easy as it looks, we need to make sure everything is in the right place before we make them a part of our family. PickAPaw allows people who who are looking for pets to buy one wisely and responsibly only from the best breeders to ensure an ethical experience.

They maintain a transparent relationship with their breeders which enables them to judge between the good and the bad. Overpopulation is common amongst breeders now a days due to negligence and lack of transparency. For instance, 80% of cats and dogs in North America are bred in puppy mills and most of them end up in shelters.

Let us support PickAPaw in their mission of bringing transparency and accountability to the animal industry. It is about time we make a change.

To know more about them, visit www.pickapaw.com and support responsible breeding. #TEAMPICKAPAW

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